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2011 ACM ECNA Programming Contest Results

The University of Akron competed in the ACM East Coast North America Regional last weekend. The ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition is held yearly, with Regional events taking place all across the world including 11 regionals in the United States. You can find all relevant information from the contest including the problem set here.

There were 122 teams from 60 schools at our regional competing to solve as many of the 9 problems as possible within the 5 hours provided, and Akron’s teams came in 13th and 28th place! Teams must contain 3 full time students and may contain at most one graduate student. The teams that represented Akron were:

qUArk: 13th place with 4 problems solved (1st place 46 at YSU location)
Jeff, Adam, and Nick

qUAck: 28th place with 3 problems solved (4th place of 46 at YSU location)
Alex, Eric, and Jarryd

Because our region is large, the contest is held simultaneously at 4 satellite locations, and our teams took 1st and 4th place at the Youngstown State University location which hosted 46 teams!

Only teams from 4 schools managed to solve more problems than team qUArk, including Waterloo, Toronto, Carnegie Mellon, and Michigan (with a couple other schools also solving 4 problems correctly but in less accumulated time).

Congratulations to both of our teams for their phenomenal performance this year! Achieving these ranks is the result of weeks and weeks of Friday night practices where these and other students spend their time learning new algorithmic techniques, honing their coding skills, and improving their teamwork.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting detailed explanations of the solutions to some of the harder problems in the set (skipping the 4 most solved problems ({B, C, D, I})). Stay tuned!

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